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SGaawaay K'uuna Edge of the Knife Film Screening

Hosted by I-Hos Gallery, XYUU (Xyuu Xyahl Gaang.nga - Southeast Wind) Dancers, Sid Williams Society, Immigrant Welcome Centre, British Columbia, World Community Film Festival.

I-Hos Gallery is very excited to be able to share the Haida Culture with the community with Edge of the Knife film screening.

This event features an opening Haida cultural performance by Xyuu Xyahl Gaang.nga - Southeast Wind Dancers.

Sgaaway K'uuna, or Edge of the Knife, tells the Haida story of Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid [the wildman] set in an 19th century Haida Gwaii fishing camp.

A couple of families come together for their annual gathering and experience a tragedy at the hands of Adiits'ii (Tyler York), who then retreats into the wilderness becoming Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid.

The title is rooted in the Haida saying "The world is as sharp as the edge of a knife; as you go along you have to be careful or you will fall off one side or the other."

Gwaai Edenshaw co-directed the film alongside Helen Haig-Brown. Gwaai will be joining us after the film for Q&A time via skype!

"Primarily we made the movie for our people and you could say it's an expression of our culture," said Edenshaw.

Sgawaay K’uuna (The Edge of the Knife) has been nominated for a Caftcad Awards for excellence in Costume Design! You will be able to meet and talk to Nalaga Avis O'Brien in the Lobby of the Sid Williams Theatre, Avis had a big part in the costumes!

Sgawaay K’uuna (The Edge of the Knife) has also won VIFF awards for Best Canadian Film, Best BC Film and Most Popular Canadian Film, TIFF award for Top Ten Award 2018 and INFF's Sun Jury Award.

Please EVERYONE join us:

EVENT DATE: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

EVENT LOCATION: Sid Williams Theatre (442 Cliffe Ave Courtenay, BC)

EVENT COST: Pay what you can by donation (suggested donation of $8)

EVENT TIMES: Lobby Open – 5pm

Seating – 6pm

Haida Cultural Performance – 6:30pm

Film Screening – 7pm


For more info please email: sales@ihosgallery or call: (250)339-7702

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