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Free Summer Workshops!

This summer WaMM is offering three new workshops in multi-media production.

Up first; a two week workshop focused on Basic Recording Techniques. This intensive hands-on training will put those who want to learn more about basic recording procedures in front of the tools of the trade. Microphones, mixing desks, EQs, DAWs, compressors, reverbs, digital delays and lots more will be explored. Spin knobs, mix sounds and learn tons of cool stuff. Call WaMM at (250) 338-7793 to get involved.

Up next, a three evening intensive workshop dedicated to Learning to Podcasting. This course covers the basic equipment ( and how to use it ) the basic software ( and how to use it ) and a practical step by step walk through of the requirements and skill-sets you'll need to begin Podcasting! Interested in sharing your knowledge about something? There's a podcast for that - or there will be as soon as you start to podcast! Call WaMM at (250) 338-7793

Closer to September we'll be running a workshop entirely dedicated to cell-phone movie making. 'Media in a Cup' will encourage you to develop your ideas, create a production work flow and produce your film using the very phone you're probably viewing this blog with!

From script development, through practical hands-on shooting, editing and final production, 'Media in a Cup' will inform, engage and enhance your ability to make movies. Call WaMM at (250) 338-7793

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