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Wachiay Aboriginal Multi Media (WaMM)

WAMM will offer the opportunity to learn and practice the craft of storytelling using modern tools and technology.

• Audio Recording• Online Streaming 

• Film Production • Radio Arts

 • Cinematography • A/V Editing
• Podcasts • Graphic Design 

• Web Development • Screenprinting 

• Digital • Specialty Printing
 • Documentary Development• Storytelling 

• Script Writing • Social Media

Young people desperately want to work with creative communication tools. New technology is the future in communication. WaMM is committed to providing tomorrows tools, expertise and understanding to help empower our youth. Multi media students will learn to write, design, plan and execute digital presentations and projects using the latest multi media equipment and software. 


The WAMM program is a practice-related education that combines design skills, hands on practical experience and knowledge of communication technology through digital manipulation. During our programs an internship will be completed where students will have the opportunity to use the skill-sets and competencies they have gained during their studies working alongside professionals in the field.

Digital arts is a rapidly expanding creative field. With our classroom and practical hands on training, young 
people will learn contemporary industry applications and opportunities for the future. Through real life exercises and examples, youth will learn the many facets of digital technology, its application and the opportunities it provides for personal success.


Dynamic, evolving, rewarding and challenging, our classes will immerse students in this ever expanding field. Whether looking to make a career change or just getting one’s feet wet, our goal is to empower youth towards a rewarding and lucrative future.

We appreciate our generous supporters who help make our programs available for the community.

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